Common Struggles of Wearing Glasses

According to the Vision Council of America, 64% of Americans regularly wear glasses. This makes glasses wearers one of the largest groups of people in America. 

The $131 billion U.S. eyewear industry has increased in size every year since 2014. If you wear glasses, welcome to one of the most diverse communities in the world — spanning everyone from famous singer Justin Timberlake to former President Teddy Roosevelt. Not only do you share this physical attribute with these people, but you also share the same struggles that glasses users face every day.

There are many common struggles faced by those who wear glasses, including:

  1. Fogged Up Glasses

Every person who wears glasses regularly recognizes this problem instantly. Whether it be eating hot food to a restaurant, walking inside on a cold day, or wearing a mask and your breath fogging them up. This is a problem that we glasses users face constantly, and the instant blindness and the constant need to stop and wipe them off can be tedious and annoying.

  1. The Vicious Cleaning Cycle

Everyone has had that annoying speck of dirt or smear on their glasses that they just can’t seem to get rid of. You finally get out a wipe to get the smudge off and then the wipe leaves even more smudges and debris on the glasses. This can be extremely annoying throughout the day and sometimes it can seem like a never ending cycle.

  1. Losing Your Glasses

There is nothing worse than when you are already running late for work or a meeting, and you are just about to get out the door, and then you realize your glasses aren’t where you thought you had left them. It’s bad enough that you don’t know where they are, but now you can’t see as well while you are looking for them. We have all been late before because we can’t find our glasses and this is a constant issue for everyday glasses users.

  1. Glasses Sliding Off

During hot summer days sweat can be a problem for everyone, but especially for glasses users. Sweat causes glasses to constantly slide off users’ faces which is annoying and inconvenient.  Whether you are trying to play sports, or you are just trying to spend a day at the beach, glasses sliding off can be a constant struggle that glasses users battle all day long.

  1. Broken Glasses

Whether it be an accident with young children, taking a basketball to the face, or simply dropping your glasses, nothing is worse than breaking your lenses. Not only do you have to go out and get a new prescription for glasses, but you have to try and salvage the glasses so that you can see well while you are waiting for new ones. Broken glasses can be expensive and can ruin you day in a matter of a few seconds.
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