5 Tips For Healthy Eyes

While it may seem obvious that taking care of your eyes remains important, there are several habits people practice that can get in the way when it comes to maintaining healthy eyes.

From excessive screen time to more addictive habits such as smoking, your eyes can quickly start to feel the effects of unhealthy habits. These actions can often lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches and, in some cases, irreparable damage to your eyesight. From financial consequences to physical ones, it’s crucial to practice healthy habits in an effort to protect your eyes for the long haul.

Here are 5 tips to keeping your eyes healthy:

  1. Don’t Skip Eye Exams: Whether you wear glasses or not, make sure you are taking the time to get a routine eye exam done. This is where your doctor can see if you would benefit from glasses or contacts. It would also give them an opportunity to check your eyes for any physical damage or signs of disease.
  2. Wear Your Glasses: If your doctor recommends you wear daily glasses or use reading glasses — wear them! Always wearing your prescription or reading lenses can help keep your eyes strong and prevent unfavorable effects such as eye strain, headaches and worsening eyesight. 
  1. Prioritize Your Health: In order to take care of your eyes, you must first take care of yourself. Be sure you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. This should include a nutritious diet, staying active and quitting any unhealthy habits, such as smoking.
  2. Give Your Eyes a Break: If you are someone who is constantly looking at their phone or computer, you are straining your eyes. To avoid eye strain and headaches, be sure to give your eyes a break from screen time. A good rule to follow is the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Safe: Accidents happen, but when it comes to something as crucial as your eyes, it’s important to avoid accidents whenever possible. Because of this, we suggest wearing protective eyewear when needed, wearing sunglasses on sunny days and keeping your vision fog-free when operating machines or playing sports.

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