About Our Anti-Fog Treatment Wipes

Invented by Charles Olsen and developed by Fog Off founder Mary Bradley, BlurBusterz Anti-Fog Treatment Wipes were created to help people see clearly! 

We have dedicated our lives and our careers to helping others. When we see a problem, we find solutions. 

When COVID-19 entered all of our lives, it was clear that there were many issues to solve. Charles was called upon to develop an anti-fog formula for face shields that works effectively. Research quickly revealed the products on the market were not only inconvenient and over priced, but most were ineffective — although many claimed otherwise!

After countless hours in the lab and a patent filing, BlurBusterz was born! 

We are committed to delivering a superior and affordable solution to ensure that essential workers can safely do their important work. In addition, we wanted to offer the average person a solution to keep their glasses and sunglasses from fogging up.
For more information about BlurBusterz anti-fog treatment wi

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